2 pieces per order

Tuna (Maguro)

$ 6

Blackened Tuna

$ 6

White Tuna (Escolar)

$ 5

Albacore Tuna (Binnaga)

$ 5

Yellowtail (Hamachi)

$ 6

Salmon (Sake)

$ 6

Smoked Salmon

$ 5

Sea Bass (Suzuki)

$ 5

Mackerel (Saba)

$ 5

Krab (Kani)


Real Crab (Seasonal)

$ 7

Shrimp (Ebi)

$ 4

Whole Scallops (Hotategai)

$ 6

Mixed Scallops

$ 5

Sea Eel (Anago)

$ 5

Freshwater Eel (Unagi)

$ 7

Octopus (Tako)

$ 5

Salmon Roe (Ikura)

$ 6

Squid (Masago)

$ 4

Pickled Quail Eggs


Egg Omlett (Tamago)

$ 4

Wasabi Tobiko

$ 4

Smelt Roe (Massago)

$ 4

Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko)

$ 4

Quail Egg (Uzura) Choose Any Roe

$ 2


$ 3

Surf Clam (Hokkigai)

$ 4

Baby Octopus (Chuka Idako)

$ 4

Sea Urchin (Uni)

$ 10

White Anchovies


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Sushi Combos

Chirashi Bowl

Assorted Fish over a bed of Rice and Vegetables Lg (10pc.) Med (5pc.)

$ 24 Lg $ 16 Md

Large Sushi Combo

California Roll, Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon, Albacore, Sea Bass, Shrimp, Egg, Mixed Scallops, Eel

$ 22

Small Sushi Combo

California Roll, Tuna, Yellowtail, Shrimp, Egg, Eel

$ 15

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Regular Rolls

6-8 pc. order

Avocado Roll

$ 5

Cucumber Roll

$ 5

Krab Roll

$ 5

Tuna Roll

$ 6

Salmon Roll

$ 7

Tempura Shrimp Roll

$ 6

Vegetarian Roll

$ 5

California Roll

(Krab, Cucumber, Avocado)

$ 6

Spicy Tuna Roll

(Spicy Tuna and Cucumber)

$ 8

Salmon Skin Roll

(Cucumber, Burdock Root, Bonito Flakes and Sprouts)

$ 6

Yellowtail Roll

(Yellowtail and Green Onions)

$ 6

Buddha Roll

(Tempura Shrimp, Cream Cheese, Cucumber, Sriracha, and Eel Sauce)

$ 8

Natto Roll

(Fermented Soy Beans)

$ 5

Philly Roll

(Honey Smoked Fish Company Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese)

$ 8

Smelt Roe Added to Any Roll


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Specialty Rolls

6-8 pc. per order

Whiskey Roll

Tuna, Avocado and Shitake Mushrooms


OG Kim K Roll (Pre-Kanye)

Tempura Shrimp, Cream Cheese, Cucumber topped with Spicy Tuna, Siracha, Eel Sauce, Tempura Crunchies and Smelt Roe

$ 13

Tie-Dye Roll

California Roll topped with assorted Sashimi

$ 13

OG Mr. Rogers Roll

Yellowtail, Cream Cheese, Cucumber, Green Onions, Cilantro and Tempura Crunchies

$ 10

OG Scotty-O-Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll with with Broiled Salmon and Dynamite Sauce

$ 12

Red Panda Roll

Salmon, Cream Cheese, Microgreens, and Jalapeno topped with Tuna, Avocado, Spicy Mayo, Green Onions, and Eel Sauce

$ 14

Caterpillar Roll

Sea Eel and Cucumber topped with Avocado

$ 11

Hip-Hop Roll

Salmon, Cream Cheese, Avacado and Fried Onions

$ 9

Dragon Roll

California Roll topped with Freshwater Eel and Avocado

$ 15

Colorado Crunch Roll

Shredded Krab, Cucumber, Avocado topped with Krab Sticks, Kewpie Mayo, Eel Sauce and Fried Onions

$ 12

Shinigami Roll

Spicy Tuna, Cream Cheese, Asparagus, Jalapeno, Cucumber, Crunchies topped with Yellowtail, Avocado, Kewpie Mayo, Green Onions, and Togarashi


Salmon L. Jackson Roll

Salmon, Green Onions, Kewpie Mayo, Siracha, Eel Sauce and Tempura Crunchies - Futomaki

$ 11

OG Las Vegas Roll

Tempura Shrimp, Cream Cheese, Yellowtail, Tuna, Jalapeño, Green Onion, and Sriracha. Topped with Avacado and Eel Sauce


Electric Sasquatch Catfish Roll

Yellowtail, Cream Cheese, Jalapeño, Apricot Preserve and Habañero Powder


ATF (Alaskan Thunder F***) Roll

Salmon, Cucumber and Avacado topped with Jalapeños, Yellowtail, Kewpie Mayo and Green Onions


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Lunch Specials

11:00am - 3:00pm Daily

Special 1

Any Regular Roll OR one 2pc. Nigiri and a Dynamite/Chum Bucket


Special 2

Any two Regular Rolls OR two 2pc Nigiri and a Dynamite/Chum Bucket

$ 12

Special 3

Any Specialty Roll OR 5pc Sashimi regular price get Dynamite/Chum Bucket for $1

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Sashimi 5pc.


Tuna                                                                                $14


Salmon                                                                           $14


Yellowtail                                                                      $14


Sea Bass                                                                         $13


Chef's Choice                                                                $14




Mon:   11:00am - 9:30pm

Tue:     11:00am - 9:30pm

Wed:    11:00am - 9:30pm

Thurs:  11:00am - 9:30pm

Fri:       11:00am -  10:00pm

Sat:      11:00am - 10:00pm

Sun:     11:00am - 9:30pm


There is a hard cutoff for Food/Sushi @ 9:30pm and 10pm. We stop taking TO-GO orders 30 minutes prior to close. 


********COVID HOURS*********

Until further notice we stop taking order at 8:45pm 


**subject to change based on business

Contact Details


1205-A W. Elizabeth St.

Fort Collins, Colorado

T: 970.682.2678


NO in-person dining 


***JAWS sushi DOES NOT accept reservations. We run on a first come, first serve basis.***



You must be present to put  a name on the waiting list***



Happy Hour

Everyday from 11am to 1pm and from 9pm to Close  


$3 Drafts, Wells, and Sake Bombs!

$4 Large Hot Sake




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